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    From “smoking is forbidden” to “thinking is forbidden”    

    El País, 02/22/2009

    Moisés Naím*

    In the United States, 76% of the population thinks the “War on Drugs” has failed. Concurrently, an also overwhelming majority thinks the policies in which the “War on Drugs” is based (repression of production, import interdiction, prohibition of consumption and criminalization) mustn’t be changed. This contradiction isn’t exclusive to the United States.

    Polls reveal that this ideas are part of the beliefs of high percentages of the population in many countries: poor and rich, exporters and importers of narcotics, democratic and authoritarian, Asian, European or American.

    To read the full text click here and access the article in Spanish, in .PDF format

    * Moises Naim Moisés Naím, Venezuelan, is the editor-in-chief of the Foreign Policy magazine  based in Washington DC, which circulates in 175 countries and is published in 12 languages.