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    Time to Legalize?    

    Época Magazine - 02/16/2009

    by Ruth de Aquino 

    capa_epoca.jpgShould smoking marijuana at home or out on the street be legal? Legal as in “licit and socially accepted”, like alcohol and tobacco? The debate regarding the legalization of personal use of marihuana isn’t new. What has changed are those who support it. Now its not hippies or pop stars. Three grey haired Latin-American former presidents and former university teachers are heading a specialist commission, including Fernando Henrique, 77 years old, sociologist; and two economists: César Gaviria, 61 years old, from Colombia and Ernesto Zedillo, 57 years old, from Mexico.

    They propose that the world drug policy be reviewed. Starting with marijuana. Smoked in cigarettes, known as “joints” or “spliffs”, or inhaled through pipes or narguilles, marijuana is a drug produced from the Cannabis sativa plants, where the psychoactive substance - the one that, in slang, “gets you high” - is scientifically called Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

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